Enjoy our Retaillike Skills

All Skills work how it should be

All Classes Retaillike

Get your Power from Class each you want

Jumping Character available

Get your Level 80 Character and explore our Server

We have much Events for you

We will start many Events for you

Full Fortress Support

Works how it should be

Full Scripted Instances

Enjoy our Retaillike Instances

Full LugBug System

Enjoy our LugBug Missions

Full Luna System

Enjoy our Rewards from Luna System

Full Game Content Support

Enjoy our full Scripted Maps

Daily Rewards

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We are back Online Now!!

InfiniteAion is a perfect quality private European server of Aion!

100% working game platform fully matching the official game server of 7.7 version!

No bugs, errors and defects - absolutely everything works properly!

The optimal location of the server (Germany) allows you to enjoy a great ping from any part of Europe.

And please use only our Client!!!!

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Jumping Daeva & Daily Log-In Events


Get ready for this special celebration of events for Aion’s 7.7 Update—the Jumping Daeva Event and Daily Log-in Event are here to reward you with goodies galore! First, boost yourself to Level 80 with a fresh set of gear and more to get those new pair of wings up and running, then log in every day to experience all that 7.7 has to offer – you'll also be able to earn other grand rewards that will help with the adventures to come! Sound interesting? Then let’s jump right in!

Jumping Daeva Event

Event Dates: July 12 – Aug 12


  1. Players will be able to access the Character Jump system. This can be accessed by a special button at the character select screen, which takes the player to a special creation process for a new Level 80 character.
  2. Jumped characters spawn with a set of equipment and useful items in their inventor

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